Commercial Real Estate

Lino Realty is Commercial Real Estate.  It’s our vocation, our business and our passion.

Industrial, Vacant Land, Retail Commercial, Office, Multi-Family Property sales, marketing and consultation.

For forty years we’ve built history, reputation and a vast network of clients, partners and affiliates from literally every market segment and discipline.  Commercial property owners, developers, purchasers, landlords, tenants, investors, trusts, SME business owners through enterprise, brokers, agents, financial institutions, and the list goes on.  Local, national, international, global, for forty years we’ve had the honor of dealing with all of the above.

Why Lino Realty?

  • Commercial real estate experience?  Check.  (Did we mention forty years?)
  • Commercial real estate expertise?  See above.  (FORTY years)
  • Business savvy and market insight?  Genuinely Extensive.
  • Results?  Our clients attest to this.
  • Performance? Our clients will attest to this as well.

So what is that special ‘thing’?

Those are just a few of the fundamentals.  We’ve got those covered.  But what else is it about Lino Realty that has kept our client base loyal and expanding for nearly four decades?  What is that special ‘thing’?

When the fundamentals are covered, what comes next?

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Joy

We believe in the contagious and infectious JOY of doing business.