“The Lino Realty team is close.  We treat each idea, project and property as a collaborated effort”

Lino Realty is a family-owned and operated business. It is our nature, our practice and our unending commitment to stand on firm business principles while placing great value on genuine character.

Our distinct reputation for Commercial Real Estate market prowess and professionalism is both appreciated and applauded by the network of clients and associates who we deal with, both within and well beyond the business communities of Metropolitan Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Our compact team of exceptional CRE and executive professionals brings together the strongest of marketing, communications, dealing, negotiating and fundamental business talents. In all of our dynamic Commercial Real Estate pursuits we strive to practice respect and humility while providing the most careful and individualized service programs to all of our clients. The Lino Realty team handles each project and property as a collaborated effort, our team always striving to help one another and work together to create the most ideal solutions and always offer options to our clients.

“Each day, we love the processes of servicing legacy clients”

Forty plus years in the making, the Lino Realty Network (i.e. ‘Portfolio’) of clients, associates and resources is wide and includes every business tier, type, segment, discipline and industry imaginable. Commercial real estate is our business and we love it and we cover serious ground.

Each day, we love the processes of servicing legacy clients while concurrently developing new business streams. We love listing, we love marketing, we love selling and we love closing transactions for our clients. There does not exist a project nor an initiative which we consider ‘too ambitious’ and the years have taught us how useless “No, Can’t, Won’t and Never” truly are.